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Who we are:

Founded in 2011 by industry veteran, Nick Barrett, Proper QA is a quality assurance service provider for the videogames and app industry specialising in QA testing.

What we do:

We recruit, interview, train and maintain our QA teams. They're incredibly adaptable so they can fit around dev methods and schedules.

What we test:

We have the facilities to test all videogames but we specialise in mobile, PC, and browser based titles. We have an extensive inventory of handheld iOS and Android devices, along with a PC compatibility lab that can cover all operating systems and browsers.







Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street, East Lothian


We cannot thank you enough for saving the day. We need a Proper QA clone to come live in the USA!
— Megan Boniface – Reloaded Productions
Thank you all so much for coordinating the testing! It is a huge relief to me to be able to rely on actual QA experts
— Louise Ross – Fireside
You guys have been an absolutely essential and valuable part of this project and we’re looking forward to working with you again. If only every company was so focused on goals and easy to work with
— Brian Baglow - TeamRock

Testing doesn't need to be a headache


With our bespoke testing solutions you can be confident that you'll be releasing the best version of your content that you can.

Test Tools: We can provide you with our acclaimed test case management solution Test Angel

As software continues to increase in complexity, particularly in the games industry, the sheer volume of tests you need to execute against that software becomes a big logistical hurdle. Additionally, the technical compliance requirements set out by the platform owners (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Apple) are expanding significantly and becoming increasingly complex. Ensuring a game is tested thoroughly and is compliant without having a central repository for tracking, monitoring and planning the test approach, has always been a pain-point. We have addressed this by developing our tool: Test Angel.  Licences are available for a nominal annual fee.


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Scoping Consultancy: Need to know what resources you'll need?

Knowing how much QA effort your product needs is considered by some a black art. Proper QA can take the pain away, accurately modelling what your product needs in order to succeed. We can assist you in scheduling the test effort so that it best supports your development cycle. We can answer your questions…

How many testers? 

How long for? 




How best do you prioritise the test focus?

QA Management: Don't want to outsource?

Proper QA can recruit and train your QA team to meet any requirements. Whether you need an embedded QA team to support development, a publishing QA team to get you through compliance & certification or a team to translate and localise your product, Proper QA can help set it up fast and manage it sustainably. We can manage every aspect of your QA operation:

     •   Recruiting staff for all QA roles (full time or contract staff)

     •   Training and mentoring

     •   Performance management and tracking

     •   Coordinate multiple teams across global locations 

     •   Establish reporting systems, tools, automation, pipelines, etc.


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Quality Assurance Testers...


We look for folks who are creative, open minded with a can-do attitude and who can work independently to get things done to a high quality within tight deadlines.

Proper QA is a quality assurance service provider to the tech industry. We have the facilities to test all types of software but we specialise in mobile, PC, and browser based titles. We have an extensive inventory of handheld iOS and Android devices, along with a PC compatibility lab that can cover all operating systems and browsers. 

We are offering zero hour contracts and the salary is from £8- £10/hour dependant on experience. 

Experience is a requirement for the role. Minimum 6 months of experience within a testing/problem solving environment

The role is based in central Edinburgh (Codebase, Argyle House, Lady Lawson Street) and the core hours are Monday - Friday 37.5 hour / week



  • Successful applicants will need excellent communication skills and be computer literate

  • Must be able to navigate and use web based bug databases 

  • Technical mind-set and an analytical approach to problem solving 

  • Team players essential



  • Work directly with development team (you will be main point of contact)

  • Figure out and implement a test strategy for each of the projects that are assigned to you

  • Write test cases that will be used against the software you’re testing

  • Maintain the device pool (make sure all devices are running the correct software, etc)



To apply for this position, send your CV to and reference "QA tester” in the subject line